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When Nothing Makes Sense

Today, I went to an art exhibition and felt nothing. I’m sure the work was very good, but I didn’t understand it, nor did I meet the artist and so I couldn’t find the key.  For me, there was no atmosphere, no music to awaken the senses, no-one to explain the passion behind the paintings.  IContinue Reading

Lowry ‘s view of Berwick Coast on New Year’s Day

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2017 be the most creatively inspiring, adventure-filled, fun loving time of our lives!  Today, I braved the balmy North-East weather to venture out and take some photographs of local views before I head back to my holiday Studio Cottage tomorrow.  The famous ‘matchstick men’ painter, L. S.  Lowry spent aContinue Reading

Scott Robertson – an artist I truly enjoyed meeting

It’s New Year’s Eve and, before the partying starts, I  take a trip to Scotts Gallery, Bridge Street, Berwick-on-Tweed, meet local artist, Scott Robertson, and enjoy a really stimulating conversation with him about his work on display in the Gallery. Scott explains that he was brought up in Berwick and moved away but was drawnContinue Reading

Inspiration lives nearby!

Working in my Cottage/Studio Space today to gain some mileage on the pencil/brush and focusing on figure drawings to help with my Fishermen Series. Then wander down the road to have a cuppa with lovely local artist, Pauline Burbidge and her husband and fellow artist, Charlie Poulsen. Inspired by both Pauline and Charlie’s dedication and commitmentContinue Reading

Creativity stuck? Let’s find the way forward

As every creative soul knows, when life becomes difficult, the first thing that seems to happen is the walk to the Studio becomes too long. We can’t seem to find the motivation to feed our artistic self, but find blocks instead – the ironing, the housework, the shopping…. you have your list of excuses andContinue Reading