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Unleashing Creativity & Sharing the Journey

“We do not credit ourselves with what it is we can – and often do – accomplish. We are blind to our gifts; we are deaf to our voice. We do not see or hear our magnitude. Why is this?”.  Quote from Julia Cameron’s book – The Right to Write Author of The Artist’s WayContinue Reading

Some special artists worthy of a mention today!

Enjoying comments from people following my blog and wanted to mention some other artists whose work you might enjoy.  Nicola Richards and I have shared Open Studios for a number of years. Her ceramics are very tactile, collectable pieces and her recently designed garden pots are original, frost-proof plant pots for the special people, placesContinue Reading

When Nothing Makes Sense

Today, I went to an art exhibition and felt nothing. I’m sure the work was very good, but I didn’t understand it, nor did I meet the artist and so I couldn’t find the key.  For me, there was no atmosphere, no music to awaken the senses, no-one to explain the passion behind the paintings.  IContinue Reading

Never ask an artist this question!

‘How long did it take you to do that?’. The one question artists never want to hear. Why? Because we spend hours and hours producing work that we don’t show anyone – our ugly ducklings of efforts – until finally, a piece of our creativity comes to fruition and we let the World see ourContinue Reading

If I’m painting the sea, why am I in the countryside?

Just asking myself the question – why am I determined to paint the sea when I’m sitting in the middle of such countryside beauty?  I look out of the window and there is inspiration everywhere, but it’s the ‘wrong’ inspiration! You see, I came here to work on Fishing Boats and the Sea but I’m stayingContinue Reading