Never ask an artist this question!

‘How long did it take you to do that?’. The one question artists never want to hear. Why? Because we spend hours and hours producing work that we don’t show anyone – our ugly ducklings of efforts – until finally, a piece of our creativity comes to fruition and we let the World see our ‘Swan’.  This particular work may have taken an hour, a day, several weeks or even months to produce, but time rarely equals price. If I were to tell you that I spent 1 hour making this little Lino Print, then I asked you to pay £xxx for it, you would laugh (unless I was Lowry!). But if I told you I had studied this technique all my life, that my work sold in the best Galleries in the Country and each Lino Cut took me months to do, you would probably expect to pay £xxx. Where am I going with all this? Having just spent the day messing on with a Lino Printing Set I got from Santa, and realising the results are not brilliant, that I will have to spend many hours learning and perfecting this new technique, I am telling myself that if I stick with it, I will one day be rewarded for my efforts. The photo is one I took of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and the picture below it is my Lino Print work.

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