Cullen Skink Soup anyone?

St Abbs Views

No. 4 Gallery  is close to St Abbs, a beautiful fishing village famous for its diving on the East Coast not far from my cottage. Lovely Gallery showing works from artists in this region and beyond and a nice lady owner who recommended The Old School House, St Abbs Village for a bite – oh, Yes! She was right! It was excellent! Look it up on Trip Advisor and visit if you’re up this way. I can highly recommend Cullen Skink Soup , made with Smoked Haddock and Potatoes, served by a wee Scottish lady who engaged in conversation with every single person in the cafe – Starbucks, Costa and all the others need to get there and learn how to really do great customer service.  I felt valued and I will be back there soon!

Took some photos of the harbour and the sea to help with new paintings when I go back (tomorrow!). I didn’t really know what I was going to do when I came here two weeks ago, or what I would find to write on this blog. I imagined I would set up at easel in the cottage and paint, but I have been out every day exploring, taking photos, wandering around the coastline and I’ve learnt that its more important to experience the sights, the sounds, the smells of a place when you can, and then to go home and evaluate, take stock and consider the next step. There will be more of this blog, keep looking in if you have a moment to see what I am up to next. Thank you and, as the sign says ‘Haste Ye Back’!

Some special artists worthy of a mention today!

Enjoying comments from people following my blog and wanted to mention some other artists whose work you might enjoy.  Nicola Richards and I have shared Open Studios for a number of years. Her ceramics are very tactile, collectable pieces and her recently designed garden pots are original, frost-proof plant pots for the special people, placesContinue Reading

When Nothing Makes Sense

Today, I went to an art exhibition and felt nothing. I’m sure the work was very good, but I didn’t understand it, nor did I meet the artist and so I couldn’t find the key.  For me, there was no atmosphere, no music to awaken the senses, no-one to explain the passion behind the paintings.  IContinue Reading

Never ask an artist this question!

‘How long did it take you to do that?’. The one question artists never want to hear. Why? Because we spend hours and hours producing work that we don’t show anyone – our ugly ducklings of efforts – until finally, a piece of our creativity comes to fruition and we let the World see ourContinue Reading

Always carry a camera with you!

Driving back from Norham where I had a lovely New Year with family to return to my holiday cottage at Allanton for my second arts-inspired week and thinking about a plan of action. Suddenly, turned a corner in the country road, just over the border into Scotland, and the sunset appeared like a dramatic theatreContinue Reading